Inform25 and Search25

You have reached this page because the Inform25 service has now been closed. Search25 replaces the former Inform25 service.

  • Search catalogues is the default search in the new system, using the search box at the top of each page with 'M25 Libraries' selected.
  • Search Union List of Serials: also uses the search box at the top of each page, but with 'Union List of Serials' selected.
  • The Find a Library, Use a Library, and Visit a Library information has been reorganized:
    • Find a Library: Libraries are listed per institution; links can be found from the Libraries page. Libraries can be selected according to subject area in the Subject Options area.
    • Use a Library information is now on the Access page.
    • Visit a Library information is now shown on the institutional library pages. To see this it is neccessary to set your home institution on the Options page.