What is this site for?

Search25 is a regional resource discovery tool; providing one stop access to the library catalogues of nearly 60 world-renowned institutions and specialist collections within the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries — helping you easily obtain resources from across London and the South-East. The M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries is a collaborative organisation that works to improve library and information services within the London region and more widely across the East and South-East.

Search25 makes it easier to search, locate and obtain resources at any library in the Consortium, enabling users to benefit from the wealth of materials available to them. As a regional union catalogue, focused in and around the capital, Search25 provides students and academics with an exciting new research tool. It allows users to hop between a vast range of large academic institutions and rare specialist collections densely packed in South-East England, like no other service available.

Why not try library hopping today?

Technical details

1. Dependencies

Search25 depends on a number of other applications, all of which are free software:

  • The front end is an extension of Xerxes2, which is a generic user interface for a range of library discovery systems.
  • Xerxes2 is itself based on the PHP Application Framework, Zend2.
  • Communication with library Z39.50 servers and deduplication of records is managed by Pazpar2, produced by Index Data. Additions to Xerxes2 to allow it to work with Pazpar2 can be found on Github.
  • The API uses the Sinatra Ruby-based DSL.

2. Using the API

Search25 includes an API to retrieve library and access information, including location, opening hours, and travel notes. The API does not retrieve any catalogue information. It runs on http://www.search25.ac.uk on port 5225; If you are interested in using it, a list of available commands can be found on the API Wiki pages. It may be necessary to limit access to the API in future; if you are interested in using it on a regular basis please contact us.

3. Using Search25 with Link Resolvers

There is a separate URL entry point for Link Resolvers. Serials Solutions have details of this and can configure your 360Link Resolver to work directly with Search25. For SFX users there are sample target parsers available; these are available from ExLibris' ElCommons. These also contain the URLs you need to get going if running a custom resolver.